Limited Inventory | Only 52 Units Built

2 Main Structures with a total of 52 Luxury Motor Condominiums

Full Construction Completion, 4th Quarter of 2024!

52 Unit Top View Of Building

Superior Engineering & Prime Location

Each individual unit is hurricane shelter rated (safe in 170 mph windstorm), the facility’s location is 6 miles inland, out of the risky flood zone.

Superior Engineering

Large Spacious Units, Over 1,350 sq/ft

Standard Additional Amenities: Optional shower in restroom, Epoxy floors, Construction to combine two units before construction, Specialized electrical and more

Top Side Rendering With Bathroom
Empty Rendering Top Side
Basic Rendering Showing Boat and Vehicle
Empty Unit Ready For Customization

Experience the epitome of safe, secure, and modern storage at Excalibur Motor Condominiums. Our versatile units cater to all your storage needs, whether it’s your vehicles, boat, RV, motorcycles, or even your cherished wine collection. Starting at 1,350 square feet (including a 320 sf loft), our units can be customized for larger configurations. Conveniently situated on Daniels Parkway, just minutes away from Southwest Florida International Airport, downtown Fort Myers, and Fort Myers Beach. Invest in the storage solution that exceeds your expectations.